What comes first the pergola or the pavers?

I don’t do many projects and I’m about to start one, but I was wondering if there is an order of how to do it. I am putting pavers and a pergola. What should be done first?

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  1. Paul in San Diego says:

    It would seem that the pergola should go up first. But, it should be sized such that the pavers fit without having to cut them or whatever. For example, if the pavers are 1 foot wide, make sure the distances between the posts of the pergola are in 1-foot increments.

    The reason the pergola should go up first is that you’ll have to dig a lot to set the posts. And, you don’t want all of that loose dirt to get all over the new pavers.

  2. Sage says:

    We recently had a pergola put up and we’re now taking bids for the flagstone pavers to be laid. If you put down the pavers first then you would have to dig them up again to put in the posts.

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