Concrete Brick Pavers Doral Installation — Old Towne From Tremron, Inc. http Toll Free: (800) 846-8179 | Direct Line: (954) 977-4347/(954) 369-7244 Toll Free Fax: (800) 795-7603 | Fax: (954) 977-4348 N. Ricardo’s Brick Pavers, Inc. Nilson Ricardo Showroom Address: N. Ricardo’s Brick Pavers, Inc. ATTN: Nilson Ricardo 2021 NW 22 St Pompano Beach, FL 33069 This video, Mr. Nilson Ricardo, the owner of N. Ricardo’s Brick Pavers, Inc. explains the Concrete Brick Pavers Installation — Old Towne From Tremron, Inc. The size used is”: 3 sizes: 4×6, 6×6 and 6×9. At Tremron, Inc. they call this shape: Old Towne. The height of paver is: 2 2/8″. Driveway Pavers Without a doubt, brick pavers are the best investment that you can make to your home. Especially if you are thinking about re-modeling or expending your old and outdated driveway. Besides Curb Appeal, Brick Pavers Will Withstand Heavy Loads Better Than Asphalt or Concrete Brick pavers will give you that beautiful curb appeal that you have been looking for. Brick pavers are tough, and are able to withstand heavy loads, especially if you use interlocking pavers. The interlocking pavers have the ability to spread heavy weight better than concrete of asphalt. For Driveways Choose 2 3/8″ Pavers. For Patios, Choose 1″ Pavers Typically concrete pavers have a compressive strength of eight thousand psi or more. There thickness can vary from 1 inch to 2 3/8. For your driveway, we recommend that the 2 3/8 pavers are used. You will be able to park your

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Brick Pavers Basket Weave Running Bond Pattern

Brick Pavers Basket Weave
This is my favorite paving pattern for bricks. Basket weave design is easy on the eye.

4×8 Brick Pavers Basket Weave Running Bond Pattern | RI Contractor


The time to Remodel your driveway, path, patio or pool deck is now. Why? The price of brick pavers has reached a very low line. This is a great opportunity for home owners to finally have their back yards built with beautiful

The time to Remodel your driveway, path, patio or pool deck is now. Why? The price of brick pavers has reached a very low line. This is a great opportunity for home owners to finally have their back yards built with beautiful brick pavers. Brick Pavers manufacturers enhanced their systems to produce the most spectacular brick pavers ever. It’s colorful, it’s vibrant. Nothing comes close to the quality of our current concrete brick pavers. Come visit our showroom. We will hand to you: a beautiful consumer’s guide, lots of brochures containing shapes, patterns and colors and much more. Address: 2021 NW 22 St Pompano Beach FL 33069 NOW Call: (954) 977-4347 OR 954-369-7244 “The Most Recommended Brick Pavers company in South Florida for more than 8 years in a row!” Imagine having your new driveways, pool decks, side walks, patios, walkways, steps, walks and other custom designs built with the utmost quality. Contact us or 954-369-7244 or visit us on the web: We are experts building driveways throughout the entire South Florida. We know every code there’s to know from any city. We can help you to get the permit either from the city or from your own association. It’s a breeze working with us. We will help you every step of the way. You can count on experts to install your new driveway. This (Shaddock Lane Boca Raton FL) is a beautiful marble driveway recently completed at the Bocaire Country Club

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The 7 Most Popular Paver Patterns |


The joints between each pair of bricks run straight in both directions and are not staggered. This particular pattern is suitable for all sizes of brick pavers. Half Basket Weave: Very similar to the basket weave paver pattern, the half basket weave

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There is nothing like a good brick paving job. Besides looking good there is less upkeep and a feeling of neatness and permanance. Pave on!

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Is there any difference in the brands of concrete pavers other than looks?

We are installing a patio and I can’t find any info helping me decide between brands of concrete pavers. Most manufacturers have lines that all look very similar, so what I’m looking for is whether there’s any real quality difference between these things. The main manufacturers we’ve looked at include Hanover and EP Henry.

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Another tough problem solving help? please?

ok my friend need to know a wall of his basement is 32 feet by 8 feet. the wall is to be constructed with masonary blocks that have lenghts of 16 inches and widths of 8 inches. about how many masonary blocks are needed to build the wall?

And please one for me i want to have a circular swimming pool. it will have diameter of 20 feet and depth of 6 feet how much dirt must be removed?? Thanks so much

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Benefits of Sealing Pavers

Benefits of Sealing Pavers


When it comes to sealing pavers, you have a choice. You can either have your pavement sealed or leave it the way it is. However, if you want your paver to last long without damage and have a glossed look, then sealing it is essential. More and more people today are taking to sealing their pavers. Since pavers are the elements of the house that suffer maximum exposure to extreme weather, pollution, dirt, grease and load conditions, they stand a higher risk of being damaged. Given below are four major benefits that should convince you about the benefits of sealing your pavers.

Save time and effort in maintenance

The biggest benefit of sealing pavers is that they do not require high maintenance. Dirt does not tend to tick on them stubbornly and hence, a simple wiping of the surface or pressure washing if stains are too greasy gets rid of any unwanted deposited. In fact, the water board recommends sealing concrete pavers in order to save water.

Sealing lends long life to pavers

By sealing a paver, you are essentially putting a shield that protects it from being damaged due to various factors such as reaction with acid and fungal infestations. Further, it prevents sand and cement in the joints from washing out due to heavy rains and storms, thus preventing loosening of stones. The hazardous effects of freezing and thawing, that tend to ruin most of the pavers is eliminated due to sealing. Sealing pavers protects them under all weathers and high traffic loads. As a result, your paver is well preserved.


Sealing enhances appearance of the paver

Once sealed, the paver wears a clean and glossy look. If you have used color pigment while laying the paver or a naturally colored stone, then a coat on it enhances the appearance of the color. Sealers that use UV protection elements prevent fading of the paver due to exposure to sunlight. Further, since sealing pavers keeps them protected from effervescence and formation of microorganisms, they look well maintained and clean, because of which, the appearance of not only your paver but also your entire house or office is enhanced.

Sealing pavers saves you money

If the estimate for sealing your paver inclines slightly to the higher side, you do get discouraged. Think of it as an investment that gets you great returns. Pavers that are sealed neither require high maintenance, nor are they damaged easily. You do not have to pay for pressure cleaning and disinfection frequently. Pavers remain stronger and well preserved for longer durations. Further, sealers are flexible and versatile in their usage and the same sealer can be used for different kinds of surfaces such as cement or stone.

Pavers are the red carpet into your home or office. They make the first impression on visitors. Therefore, they need to be well maintained and kept clean. Sealing pavers is a great way to save time, effort and money. However, make sure that you use a good quality sealer or hire an efficient sealing contractor so that you can make the most of your investment.


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Installing Cobblestone Patio Pavers in the Front Yard Urban Edible Garden

John of www.growingyourgreens shows how he installed cobblestone pavers in his front yard edible garden. From cutting concrete, laying base rock, laying sand, setting the pavers and filling the joints with sand, you will learn the entire process in this video.

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anchors in block wall,better in block or masonary joint?

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Permeable Paver Driveway

A homeowner makes the environmentally responsible choice to replace their cracked asphalt driveway with permeable pavers. Stormwater is the #1 cause of pollution in urban lakes, rivers and streams. Instead of carrying pollutants into the storm sewer system, permeable pavers allow water to infiltrate directly down into the subsoil. Permeable pavers are a stormwater runoff best management practice (BMP). Shows components of the system, installation and resulting finished projects. Lawn and Landscape Gardens did a lovely job installing Belgard Subterra permeable pavers supplied by Hedberg Landscape & Masonry Suppllies.

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what is the best ‘rubberized’ coating to paint/spray/put on concrete blocks for subgrade and above grade use?

I am building a water/moisture retaining wall to block moisture from the enclosed garage. I am using cinder blocks with masonary waterproofing paint. ** I want to also put two coats of some type of rubberized paint/coating on the blocks to put an extra protection against water/moisture seepage. Any recommendations? I have looked at the AUTOMOBILE rubberized Rustoleum spray and roofing silicone paint. Any recommendations on long lasting substance to use?

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