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Masonry and Stonework Contractors Tools and Equipment

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Masonry and Stonework Contractors Tools and Equipment

PAVER PLACER  TM   Patent # 9919432

  1. Includes dual handle for one man or two-man operation.
  1. Vacuum pick up venturi with control valve. To operate press the lever down and hold to pick up the paver. (Once paver is in place release the valve lever to release the vacuum from the paver.
  1. Included. Lead hose with swivel. Requires custom supplied male quick connect.
  1. 2 Feet of heavy-duty vacuum pickup pipe galvanized for long life.
  1. One 6” vacuum cup for use with smooth surface pavers such as Blue stone (other cups are available for tough or semi porous material.

Up to 50 pound lift capacity

Assembly of vacuum pipe to handle with control valve. Thread the vacuum pipe into the handle. Pipe tape maybe used to keep tight. Hand tighten.

Next thread the vacuum cup onto the pipe.

  1. Connect to 80 PSI air supply 4.9 CFM recommended or higher. 4 to 8 gal. Storage tank.

1 year warranty excluding vacuum cup, abuse and handling damage.

When in use vertical lifting and releasing of the pavers will not damage the heads. Dragging the heads will wear them.

Accessories are available, including extensions and duel head pick ups. Specialized & replacement cups.

Safe lifting height recommend when using the paver placer tm is no more than 3 to 5 inches above the work area.

Safety shoes required when using All PAVE MOR tm PAVER PLACER tm models.

Weight with handle, control valve, venturi, vacuum tube and vacuum cup, 6.1 lbs…7 lbs ship weight.

Weight with 3 additional sizes of vacuum pipe with above model 9.1 lbs… ship weight 10 lbs.



Patent # 9919432


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Masonry and Stonework Contractors Tools and Equipment
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Patent # 9919432

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