Is there any difference in the brands of concrete pavers other than looks?

We are installing a patio and I can’t find any info helping me decide between brands of concrete pavers. Most manufacturers have lines that all look very similar, so what I’m looking for is whether there’s any real quality difference between these things. The main manufacturers we’ve looked at include Hanover and EP Henry.

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2 Responses to Is there any difference in the brands of concrete pavers other than looks?

  1. indapendent says:

    Now i dont know brands, but if you go to home depot they only carry concrete that actually works!! HAHA. But it has labels on it that give recomendations for use. Just make sure you buy the right kind of mix, dont get the cheap one that has pebbles in it!! make sure is fine powdered and your good to go, it shouldnt cost you too much either

  2. James M says:

    Yes, indeed there is a difference. The ability of those concrete pavers to have a surface seal against moisture and dirt and to conform to many other testing specifications is very important.

    The larger local suppliers of concrete pavers are brick supply companies and they supply materials that meet the ASTM standards, That is the AmericanSocietyTesting Material has establised a long list of standards for pavers and these must be met.

    Many builders of apartments and commercial building are requied to use materials that meet these standards as well as a number of home builders that use these materials according to specifications on their blue prints.

    Suppliers such as Lowes and Home depot are not major suppliers of pavers. Your local brick supply house is the source for a variety of concrete materials such as this. They can define for you various levels of pavers that meet different specifications and quality levels.

    Before one spends several hundreds or even thousands on pavers the specifications and testing standards to which pavers conform to is very important and you are right in being concerned on this matter.

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