Concrete Brick Pavers Doral Installation — Old Towne From Tremron, Inc. http Toll Free: (800) 846-8179 | Direct Line: (954) 977-4347/(954) 369-7244 Toll Free Fax: (800) 795-7603 | Fax: (954) 977-4348 N. Ricardo’s Brick Pavers, Inc. Nilson Ricardo Showroom Address: N. Ricardo’s Brick Pavers, Inc. ATTN: Nilson Ricardo 2021 NW 22 St Pompano Beach, FL 33069 This video, Mr. Nilson Ricardo, the owner of N. Ricardo’s Brick Pavers, Inc. explains the Concrete Brick Pavers Installation — Old Towne From Tremron, Inc. The size used is”: 3 sizes: 4×6, 6×6 and 6×9. At Tremron, Inc. they call this shape: Old Towne. The height of paver is: 2 2/8″. Driveway Pavers Without a doubt, brick pavers are the best investment that you can make to your home. Especially if you are thinking about re-modeling or expending your old and outdated driveway. Besides Curb Appeal, Brick Pavers Will Withstand Heavy Loads Better Than Asphalt or Concrete Brick pavers will give you that beautiful curb appeal that you have been looking for. Brick pavers are tough, and are able to withstand heavy loads, especially if you use interlocking pavers. The interlocking pavers have the ability to spread heavy weight better than concrete of asphalt. For Driveways Choose 2 3/8″ Pavers. For Patios, Choose 1″ Pavers Typically concrete pavers have a compressive strength of eight thousand psi or more. There thickness can vary from 1 inch to 2 3/8. For your driveway, we recommend that the 2 3/8 pavers are used. You will be able to park your

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