Battery operated Paver lifters

New Battery Operated Paver Placers (TM)
Patent # 9919432

Paver lifters

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Patent # 9919432

Pave Mor® by Gro Mor Inc. Introduces 3 state-of-the-art paver lifting tools patent applied

Both operate from 18 volt Li Ion batteries and can lift up to 55 lb pavers with one 18-volt Li Ion battery 2 amp hour or higher rated amp hour batteries will increase the operating time before requiring a recharge, such as 3, 4, 5, 6 and 9 amp hour batteries. The batteries used are of the Milwaukee type.

Other battery brands will be available as the tools are further developed. Milwaukee brand or over-the-counter replacement type batteries will operate both tools.
One 3 amp hour 18 volt Li Ion battery will lift a 37 lb paver over 110 times or the equivalent of over 100 sf of installed pavers before requiring a recharge. Using higher rated amp hour batteries increases the number of lifts before requiring a battery recharge.

The tools come in 3 models: a handheld "I" handle operated from 1 battery and a backpack model that has provisions for 2 batteries for longer operating time between recharges, and a ground hugger called the TAG ALONG that is on casters.

The tools are sold without batteries included. Batteries and chargers are sold separately.
Both tools have been introduced at the GIE+EXPO show 2016 in Louisville, KY.

Patent # 9919432

2 portable lifters

3 models to choose from.

Patent # 9919432


Large Floor Tile Demo,   Patent # 9919432